Dear Readers,

" Wisdom is a weapon to ward off destruction. It is an inner fortress which enemies cannot destroy " Thirukkural.

The name  Sophia means wisdom, that is helping the little ones to gain wisdom and knowledge.Our aim, our dream and our hope is that every student who studies in this school should become a living, compassionate, vibrant, courageous and a just person with a keen sense of responsibility and patriotic zeal to work for the good of our country. In other words a person for others.

My dear children, I wish to see you having a vision to do great things in life. As I look around, I see each one of you as empowered individual carrying the golden words of Poet and Nobel Laureate, Shri Rabindranth Tagore”, Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, into that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake.” Your parents and well-wishers wish to see you marching forward successfully in life. To actualize your dreams you need to equip yourself with attributes and values like honesty, integrity, selfcontrol, perseverance and hard work.

To encourage you, dear children and to motivate you to unearth your hidden talents, the school has planned to hold different activities during the year like elocution, drama, debate, science and art  exhibition, Sports and different Club activities. These inter and intra school activities will create an interactive platform to explore your dormant abilities.

Children you are the architects of future and the teachers are the engineers who shorten the  the distance between  your dreams and reality. We are in the age of technology, moving according to the changes . In all this one has to  atleast  pick up what  is good and according to ones conscience, which will help the person to be  a good human being, that is to be more concerned about others, taking care of the mother earth.

Dear children make things happen, work sincerely, value the efforts of your parents and all those  who are your wellwishers .. I wish you success in everything that you do during this academic session. May  the light and the guidance of Lord be with you in each and every moment of this session.


God bless you

Sr. Ramona


Sophia Girls Secondary School,


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