In the vast undulating plain, between Nasirabad and Chittorgarh, lies Bhilwara. The soil is mostly rocky wasteland, where water is available, and the soil is good, crops of maize, wheat cotton and mustard break the monotonous landscape. The river Kothari, dry for most of the year, rising in the Aravalis, runs across Bhilwara, spreading it’s tributaries into the desert land.
This place is served by the Western Railway, which links Ajmer to Ratlam:
Khandwa to Bombay. Our Founder Bishop Henry Caumont and his sister Mother Mary Matilda, our Co – Foundress often commuted on this line, and longed to start work in this beautiful, though desert area. Bhilwara had to wait for over five decades to see the Mission Sisters of Ajmer and the founding of a Sophia School.

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