Our Founder

Our Founder was born in Tours, France on December 10, 1871. He joined the Franciscan Capuchins on August 16, 1889 and was ordained a priest on December 19, 1896. He came to Rajputana in 1897 to serve the Lord as a missionary. As Fr. Betram resigned, he was appointed Perfect Apostolic on January 7, 1903.

Right from the start, he sent about the task of establishing his mission on a firm footing. He was in every sense a Prophet. Though he dealt with the present, he looked ahead of his time. Reading the signs of the time, he was sure indianization would come soon about and started learning Hindi. Very soon he started composing Hymns and Bhajans in Hindi, even writing articles for publication.

He had plans, but he needed more personnel, specially from among the people. He made effort to train indigenous clergy. But how could he help to free the woman folk of Rajputana who were secluded and isolated from the main stream because of their traditions and social customs. For this end he started two Indian Congregations-the Prabhudasi Sisters of Ajmer and the Mission Sisters.

Our revered founder worked hard despite trails and difficulties. He did not spare himself in the service of his people. He did not let the inclement weather or the rough, rugged, hilly tracts deter him. The love of God the and the zeal for God's kingdom gave him the impetus.

One day while on his visitation tour of Bhildesh, he suffered a severe heart attack. On March 25, 1930 he was anointed and calmly awaited the Lord to come and take him home. In spite of several pains he was cheerful, playing all the time. With the words "Jesus, I love you without reserve, Alleluia, Amen" on his lips, he breathed his soul into the hands of his maker on April 4, 1930. He was laid to rest in the Oratory of the Sacred Heart in the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Ajmer.

Our Origin

Our Founder felt the Rajputana need an Indian Congregation to serve the needs of the vast diocese. The girls in the cities and urban areas where also backward. They too were prisoners of the strict purdah system. They wear exploited and oppressed due to their lack of education.

On January 8, 1911 he proposed to his Council the Founding of a new Congregation. When he went to Rome, he met of Pope St. Pius X and consulted him. The Holy Father gave him full permission to go ahead, sending his blessings on the new congregation. His' Mission Sisters 'as he called his new Congregation would be the Mission on and perpetual auxiliaries. Through their medical apostolate they would bring healing to both body and soul; through their educational apostolate they would liberate and empower the woman and girl children to take their rightful place in society and perhaps, some day share in the administration of their country. With this vision and impelled by the Holy Spirit Rt. Rev. Fortunatus Henri Caumont started the congregation of the Mission Sister of Ajmer on April 26,1911-Feast of our Lady of good Counsel, and placed it under her patronage. With great confidence in the power of God, he approached the Superior General of the Sisters of St, Mary of the Angels and she appointed Mother Mary Matilda, his younger sister to help train and form on the Mission Sisters. She willingly came, putting her total confidence in God; sure He would help her in this task that was entrusted to her. Mother Mary Tarcisius was appointed to assist her.

Having entrusted the to Congregation to the care of his two sisters, He was sure that his newly founded Indian Congregation would grow and fulfill their Mission. In 1913,he was appointed an consecrated the First Bishop of the newly created Diocese of Ajmer, Rajputana.

In1919, he started the first Sophia School for the education for the girls. Of the cities and urban areas.

After our Founder left for his heavenly abode, Mother Mary Matilda carried on the work of training of the Mission Sister. Mother Matilda went ahead opening Mission Stations with welfare centers to attend to medical leaves of the poor. She also opens primary Hindi medium Schools to provide education to the children of the rural areas.

In 1946, We were elected as a Congregation of Diocesan right.

In 1950, God called Mother M, Matilda to her heavenly rest.

In 1950 Sister Clare Saldanha was elected as the first Indian Superior General of the Congregation of a period of six years.

On June 14, 1955 the Congregation was affiliated to the great Franciscan Family vide Port.No32/55.

In 1973, we got the official Pontifical erection as a Congregation.

After Mother Clare, Mother Angela D'Souza, Mother Genevieve Acharumparambil, Sister Jovita Pereira, Sister Yvonne D'Souza, Sister Frances Fernandes, Sister Michelle Pereira, and Sister Joselyn Jacob streered the Congregation and gave their best to the Congregation carrying out of the Mission and of and Vision of our Founder.

From September 11, 2010 the present Superior General, Sister Savina Pinto was elected to carry out the Founder's Vision into the next Century.

Our Charism, Aim and Purpose

The Charism bequeathed to us by Our Founder is nothing else than Redemption, which means to proclaim through word, deed and example Christ's redemptive mystery especially to people of other faiths.

Pope Pius X

Growth into Regions

At the IX General Chapter it was decided to bifurcate the Congregation into two regions. This decision was taken after prayerful and reflection. On June 1,1994 the feast of our Revered were – St. Clare Region and St. Francis Region with Sr. Savina Pinto and Sr. Josita Abraham as the Respective Regional Superiors. The bifurcation was for the purpose of better administration and greater participation of its members.

Growth into Provinces

In the year 1998, at the X General Chapter after much prayer we decided to bifurcate into Provinces. A second session of the X General Chapter was held in October-November 1999 to study the draft Document on Provinces and make the necessary amendments in the Constitutions and Directory.

On March 14, 2001 Sister Michelle, our Superior General decreed the establishment of two Provinces The Province of St. Francis and the Province of St. Clare. Sister Mabel Jacinth Mathew were elected as the first Provincial Superior respectively for a period of three years.

After 2001, the Provincial Superior, Sr. Goretti, and Sr. Mabel, St. Francis Province, Sr. Jacinth and Sr. Gayner, St. Clare Province donned the mantle of leadership to lead their respective Province.


St. Francis of Assisi, we take as our Sepheric Father under whose direction and rules the Congregation of Mission Sister’s of Ajmer follow.

We celebrate the Feast of our Lady of Good Counsel on April 26th as the Foundation Day of the Congregation.

Our Patronal Feast is the Exaltation of the Cross on 14th September.

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