On 30th  August 2017, career counselling seminars were conducted by our school for classes 11th  & 12th .The resource person invited for the first seminar was Mrs. Aparna Shamsukha, Secretary of Lions Club who introduced us to various career options and guided how to apply for the same.  For the  second seminar, the resource person was Mrs.Rachna Mehta, CEO of I-MAD accompanied by Miss Shreya and Mr. Sumit, who made us realize how important is this to opt for the right career.

The baseline of the workshop was to help prospective generation to understand their hidden talents in a scientific way via. psychological test , interactive counselling by experts,  open round of questioning and expert’s advise from well known professionals of different fields.

Mrs. Aparna emphasized on need and importance of such career counselling programmes among the students. She underlined the importance of self analysis. She stated that the skills and logical thinking are the dots, which, if joined together correctly, create better future. Also she made the young minds clear by saying that one must follow these steps to decide better career. These are :-

  1. Need of self analysis to think over our inclination.
  2. Choosing the course according to the interest.
  3. Selecting the right place.

Mrs. Rachna, Miss Shreya and Mr. Sumit from I-MAD institution, talked about various creative fields which can be chosen as a career option. Fashion designing , interior designing, architecture, web designing & graphics were some of the fields described by them. They emphasized that a child should be creative and  think out of the box. They also made us aware about the facts that to persue our goals we must start from now. This is the high time to think about our career and to make decisions for the same.

Truly, it was a very knowledgeable day for the students. The efforts of all the experts were applauded by the present gathering

 By :- Chaitsi Jagetia

(President, Commerce Club)


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