“If you judge people, you have no time to love them”, marked by the selfless St. Mother Teresa to convey the message of brotherhood and fraternity. Throwing light on the same motto, on 6th September 2017, Father Babu Cheriyath and his group ‘Nritya Arpan’ arrived in Sophia to educate the students about the social evils prevailing in our society by putting up a small cultural programme.

The programme commenced with a brief introduction of Father Babu by Ma’am Sherly Sebastian. Then after, Father took on the floor to interact with the students regarding the child marriage, dowry, etc. These issues were effectively depicted in their cultural programme which started with a passionate patriotic dance, then a beautiful and enchanting dance of snake and peacock, after which they showcased a substantive dance-drama named ‘Tadapti’ to show the miserable state of women in Indian society. To lighten up the environment, they presented a magnetic Punjabi dance, after which they gave their last performance which was a dance-drama portraying the life of Mother Teresa presented in the bollywood style. At last the programme was concluded by the vote of thanks delivered by Ma’am Garima Soni.

By :- Manushree Mishra

XII - Commerce

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