Founder's Day- By Ashita Jain


‘’Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’’

The above fact was perceived long back by a visionary and stalwart, Rt. Reverend Bishop Fortunatus  Henri  Caumont. He understood the paramount importance of girls’ education in changing the plight of girls and women and in the development of the country at large even in those days.

To throw the light on the same, on 4th April  2018, we all gathered for the morning assembly remembering our beloved Late Bishop Fortunatus Henri  Caumont.  A brief introduction of the father and all his righteous work was delivered. He was actually the founder of the Mission Sisters of Ajmer Congregation who devoted his life in the service of God and many downtrodden and oppressed people. He was a beacon of light in their lives. Gifted with great intelligence, affectionate nature, strength and his foresightedness, he was able to fulfill his dream by forming the MSA Congregation in Ajmer on 26TH April 1911 with the collaboration of his sister Mother Mary Matilda.  This introduction was followed by our traditional Diya Lighting. After which there  was scripture reading followed by the prayer service.

At last, the programme was concluded by his last words ’’Jesus, I Love You Without Reserve, Amen , Alleluia.’’ Thus, it proved that ‘’there was no higher religion than  human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed.’’ 

By:  Ashita Jain  (12th Commerce)

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